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Want the most out of your photo shoot?

Why does a home builder have such nice cozy furniture and  pleasantly placed items?

Why do people use home stagers?  It’s simple.

The subconscious idea is for buyers to "forget" about peoples  belongings...  And "feel" the home or that particular room... To be so comfortable and able to "Imagine" your own belongings placed in that room...  To see or envision what life would or could be like living there... When imagination takes a buyer, A contract has a greater likelihood.  Clutter is repelling and ruins this entire idea.  The more comfortable people are, the longer they will stay. Statistics can prove this.


So embrace the advice from your Realtor,Stager or photographer who advise people every day. Who knows, maybe a picture is worth allot of money too.     

This list is of helpful items that make for excellent images. This list comes from years of experience shooting in the field of selling homes and generating leads. 

  • Clean your home of debris on flat surfaces.

  • Turn on all lights -Stop the fans

  • Adjust windows coverings for light...

  • For noon sun minimize the light unless interior is dark.

  • Hide dog bowls and pet boxes and toys.

  • Clear dishes from the sinks.

  • Remove the kids’ corner and refrigerator art. Clean is what you want...

  • Clear countertops and bars. One plant or object only.

  • Replace light bulbs as needed.

  • Dusting is nice but small items like fingerprints will not matter.

  • Make all beds and pick up clothing in any area you want on the internet.

  • Scan each room for little items out of sync. Like open books, glassware, papers...

  • Adjust pillows and add any finishing touches before prepping the exterior.

  • Please begin on the front since it is where we will begin shooting.

  • Pick up garden hoses and news papers from the lawn. Door hangers too.

  • Remove any items from the yard that may attract attention. Signs included

  • Hide the chords and pet toys you don't want to see later

  • Remove all bathroom rugs-All.

  • Clear the shower or colorful bottles and shtuff.

  • Do not park in front of your home.

  • Do not park in the driveway if you can avoid it.

  • Remove trash cans if present or hide them if visible.

  • Stand in the street and look at the lawn. Does it need cutting?

  • Step back to the street and look at the trees. How misshaped are the trees?

  • Look at window treatments and blinds.. All open? Some closed?

  • Pools may need cleaning or removal of toys.

  • Arrange any chairs and adjust for effect. Toilet seats too..

  • Twilight shots please add candles and open all window treatments

  • And If you're famous hide your photos of you

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