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Strictly Team Style Sessions


I think my mother told me to take a picture, because it will last longer..  I think I took that to heart. and that was 35 years ago.

Since then, I have learned that I love people watching and watching people smile when they see an image we have done for them.  It makes me smile too. And, I think its our greatest reward.

Our attitude is simple here. And I pretty sure it is what make us unique.  It goes as follows:

 Do not push people

 Everyone has a nice angle. Find it.

 Everyone has a different story & there are no two alike.

 Ask a lot of questions to determine their audience.

 Everyone hates their image taken professionally

They hate it because of their past photographer.

We will be like no other photographer.

We even see people from over 10 years ago, so i figure we got something right!

Come see why people dig our style of letting you lead and feel comfortable

through the entire process.    JD MCLEOD